Female Orgasm | Finding the Leprechaun

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The female orgasm is often considered mysterious and illusive, much like the leprechaun. Women of all ages can experience trouble achieving an orgasm, which makes “faking it” a popular option. But the best way to achieve a real female orgasm is to understand what may be preventing it. Let’s set out on a quest to find that lucky little leprechaun…and let’s not waste another moment.

Battle of the Sexes

We often hear that men think of sex more than women, but that’s not necessarily true. The truth is that many societies are more accepting of men talking about sex than they are women. Which means that just because women are less likely to talk about it, doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about it. But it can mean that women are more likely to repress their desire. Some research even shows that many women are more likely to keep the truth of their sexual desire, and sexual struggles, to themselves…even keeping important health details from their doctors. Other research shows that increased (or decreased) sexual desire is more dependent on the individual, rather than supporting the more common gender stereotypes. This is why it is so important that we take some time to have a candid, and honest conversation about the female orgasm.

The Female Orgasm | The Mind

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As with everything in life, having a real female orgasm begins in the mind; because, for most women, sex begins with relaxation. We know that thoughts influence the body, so if you’re stressing about having an orgasm, you will likely struggle achieving one. But this is only the beginning of our quest to find the leprechaun. There are all kinds of thoughts can make achieving a female orgasm difficult. Perhaps your partner doesn’t say or do things which make you feel desired, maybe you don’t feel attractive or desirable, perhaps you’re worrying that your desire for you partner is waning, or maybe your thoughts are clouded with the management of life’s stressors. Not to mention the sexual consequences unmanaged depression and mood disorders can have on a woman’s desire and ability to climax. So first things first, if you want a real female orgasm, you have to begin to address your mental health.

Of course, the easiest thing you can do all on your own is begin to manage your stress. Simple changes to diet and exercise can begin to lift your spirits, and help you see yourself in a new light. You can also begin to integrate meditation and other stress management techniques into your daily routine. These types of life adjustments are key to not only your sexual health, but your overall health as well. If you are struggling with depression or simply need a little help putting things in perspective, you should definitely reach out to your healthcare provider.

When It’s Not Mental

While many female orgasm difficulties do begin in the mind, there could also be a physical component which must be addressed. In addition to mental stimulation, a real female orgasm requires the proper physical stimulation. No two bodies are the same, so if you struggle having an orgasm with a partner, you can always provide direction, add adult toys, or increase the amount of foreplay. There is research which shows that women’s turn-ons do change over time, so be sure to give yourself permission to explore new sexual horizons.

Once you give some thought to the mental and physical logistics of your O, you must also consider other physical changes which could be contributing to the difficulties of having a female orgasm. Some physical changes you will need to consider are — childbirth, nerve damage, vaginal dryness, hormone changes, desensitization, and more. These are definitely issues which should be address with your healthcare provider to explore the options which are available for your unique circumstances.

While there are pharmaceuticals which may be able to help, many can have undesirable side effects. If appropriate, you may want look to hormone treatments in order to restore balance to your body, and now there is also the O-Shot, which helps restore your sexual wellness. The O-Shot actually injects platelet rich plasma, made from your own blood, to naturally heal and rejuvenate your body with minimal, if any side effects. It has been shown to increase sensitivity, enhance lubrication, and even aid in urinary incontinence. Since we’re looking for a leprechaun, the O-Shot might just be the magical potion your body needs.

The Perfect Recipe For a Female Orgasm

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When in search of this lovely little leprechaun, it may be best to take a mixed methods approach. Considering what we’ve talked about, let’s put together the perfect recipe for achieving a real female orgasm.

  1. Stress Management. You can always benefit from stress management, so you should probably add that to your routine whether you struggle with climaxing or not. The whole point is to reduce stress in life, not add to it.
  2. Do one thing each day that makes you feel good about yourself — eat a healthy meal, go for a walk — break from your normal routine of work, eat, sleep, repeat and add something that enhances your self esteem and builds confidence.
  3. Know your mind. Know your body. Know what you like and work toward not being afraid to ask for it. While society has encouraged women to repress their sexuality, you can reclaim your sexual independence.
  4. Address any underlying health issues, whether mental or physical, with your healthcare provider.

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