Feel Good With Feel Good Foods

feel good foods

Feeling good means we can be active and engaged with the world around us. When we feel good we are inspired, and more likely to take action to get things done. We even may be motivated to take chances and do things which can greatly enhance our lives. Bottom line, when we feel good, we do good. So how can we feel good, or at the very least, keep ourselves pointed in the feel good direction?

What You Put In Is What You Get Out

There are some basic things you need to know about feeling good. First and foremost, feeling good starts in your mind. If you’re thinking junky thoughts, you’re going to take junky action, which means…you guessed…you’re going to produce junk. But don’t let this get you down. You can always improve. Remember your thoughts are where everything begins. The good news is, you are in control of those thoughts.

Oftentimes people let their circumstances dictate their thoughts. But today we’re going to do it differently. Today you want to feel good, so you’re going to set aside your usual “reactive” thoughts, and you’re going to think of one thought that causes you to feel good. Just one. Sure, it can be difficult, especially with the barrage of tasks and duties your daily life has in store for you. But if you want to feel good, you absolutely must gift yourself at least one good thought each day. It only takes a few seconds to shift yourself into the feel good direction. Once you’re feeling better (which is a stop along the way to feeling good), you’ll begin to see the actions you take produce better results.

Feel Good Foods

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Just like your mind, when it comes to your body — junk in, junk out. Your diet absolutely affects your mood, not to mention your overall health. Food does, in fact, stimulate the same part of the brain as sex. Which means that eating tasty foods with little nutritional value are a wonderful experience in the moment, they have very little stamina when it comes to feeling good.

Tasty treats are always special in moderation, but if you’re looking to feel good for the long term, let’s have a look at feel good foods that not only contribute to your overall health, these foods may give you the feel good boost you need!

Mood Balancing Foods

Most people probably don’t even realize that foods contain feel good chemicals, such as tryptophan. Well, actually, tryptophan, which is famously credited as inducing a turkey coma, actually creates serotonin. Tryptophan has a variety of functions that are essential to balancing mood, as well as maintaining the balance of the body’s sleep and wake cycles. Although it isn’t exactly clear if tryptophan puts you to sleep, it is clear that we need to add tryptophan rich foods to our diets.

Tryptophan is not abundant in our bodies, and because of its role in feeling good, we need to look to certain feel good foods. The bonus is, these feel good foods contribute to overall good health, and can also reduce inflammation, as well as support our bodies’ systems and organs, including our skin.

Here’s a list of feel good foods which are high in tryptophan to help support your feel good goals.

  • Bananas
  • Turkey and Chicken – both white and dark meat
  • Eggs
  • Bread – White or Wheat
  • Nuts

It’s important to remember that these feel good foods aren’t a replacement for medical attention. If you are struggling with a mood disorder, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider.

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