Health Screening | Your Skin Care Routine

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When we think about health screenings we think about looking at things we cannot see, like cholesterol, blood pressure, and immune responses. But your skin is not only your largest organ, it’s the only organ that you can see. It is the first line of defense between you and the outside world and handles so much in order to keep you safe. It’s exposed to UV rays, free radicals, and toxins. Plus, it helps keep unwanted germs and bacteria from cruising around in your bloodstream.

Despite all its hard work, many people take their skin for granted. They even go so far as to cast a judgmental gaze upon it when it shows signs of aging. But all in all, your skin has done an amazing job of keeping you alive! So let’s do a brief, personal health screening so you can take inventory and enhance your skin care routine in a way which enhances you from the inside out. After all, there are millions of cells on your skin that are working under massive stress to keep you protected. Let’s give them the support they need to do their jobs.

Skin Care Routine

When people think of skin care routines they usually think of their daily use of topically applied creams and lotions. They may even include processes for helping the body remove dead skin and hair to reveal the younger skin below. All of these are amazing parts of a skin care routine. But for this personal health screening we’ll focus on a different type of skin care routine. Let’s take a look at the foods which will help your body build the collagen your skin needs as it ages.

The Basics

Just like an overall health screening, your skin health also contributes to your overall health story. Certain skin care treatments can stimulate collagen production, and creams and lotions may work to trap moisture and also restore collagen, but it is always best to support your body’s organs with the right foods. Which means you’ll need to know that your body goes through a process to obtain the nutrients necessary to make collagen, and that process is to combine vitamins and minerals to make amino acids.

healthy foods for skin care routine

To improve your skin, look to add foods which are high in protein, such as beef, chicken, legumes, and more. However, for your body to make collagen, it isn’t all about the protein. Those proteins must have vitamins and minerals to successfully build the amino acids necessary to create collagen. So next, look to add foods rich in Vitamin C, as well as foods such as nuts and whole grains, which contain zinc and copper. Bone broth is also an excellent addition, as it is extremely rich in collagen and is highly recommended by experts.

As Your Skin Ages

As with everything in life, taking a personal inventory of your skin care routine or any other personal health screening, will change as you age. Aging is not a bad thing, it’s actually proof that you are a survivor of this thing called “life.” But as aging happens, the body doesn’t necessarily extract nutrients as well as it used to. Which is why altering your diet to bolster your overall health is a great start.

You can always tweak your diet to include these foods listed above, but it may also be valuable to supplement your diet with vitamins. There are many supplements which have been especially created with your particular health goals in mind. Taking in a good diet and supplementing those foods with vitamins can create a more robust, and healthy approach to your skin care routine. Just keep in mind that a supplement is not a replacement. You should always speak with your healthcare provider prior to adding supplements to ensure that there will be no interactions with current medications.

Skin Bar MedSpa

Skin Bar MedSpa’s nurses and paramedical aestheticians work to help patients in the Denver Metro and surrounding areas reach their skin health goals, from the inside and out. At Skin Bar our extensive menu of services can be tailored to meet your needs based on your personal health screening, as well as your desires for skin care routine. Plus, we can help with payment plans so you can access any of the services which will best help enhance your personal health. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us today.