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Our worlds are full of expectations and situations, whether imposed on ourselves or by others. We spend our days tending to those expectations and managing the situations that arise. Then, we spend a brief moment of our time relaxing. However, many people perceive distractions, such as social media or watching their favorite shows, as relaxing. The truth is these distractions actually create more stress. So if you need a way to truly refocus your mind and relax, it is best to turn to relaxing music. But don’t start your search on YouTube for relaxing music just yet. There’s more for you to know about stress and the mind body relationship which will help you be successful.

Types of Stress

There are two types of stress — good stress, and bad stress. Good stress is motivating and rewarding when tasks are accomplished. Bad stress is persistent and leaves you in a very destructive cycle of thought which directly impacts your body’s chemical reactions. Research even shows that stress can impact how your body metabolizes medications. This is why every wellness regimen or course of treatment should include a stress management component. It is essential to the success of your ongoing wellness, and/or recovery.

Why Relaxation Is Essential

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It seems like common sense, doesn’t it? Finding a state of reduced stress by listening to relaxing music is essential for living a healthy life. But here’s why queuing up YouTube for relaxing music and relaxing your mind will help your body function better. Whether your stress is real or perceived, your body releases cortisol. It’s true that cortisol is essential in aiding white blood cells to repair damage. However, an abundance of cortisol will actually hinder the healing process and create inflammation. Plus, it is cortisol which can interact with your medications.

Both physical stress and mental stress release cortisol. While you can often see certain physical stresses, in the form of injury, mental stress creates unseen physical stress within the body. This perfectly explains how the mind does, in fact, affect the body. In essence, your psychological approach to life does have an affect on your physical experience. Your mental state can cause inflammation and, as you know, inflammation is at the root of nearly every disease plaguing the world today. 

The truth is, relaxation is an integral part of your body’s proper absorption of nutrition, as well as helps you heal and maintain overall good health. This is precisely why you should start listening to relaxing music, rather than scrolling on social media, at the end of a long day.

The State of Relaxation

Relaxation is defined by Google and Oxford Languages as, “the state of being free from tension and anxiety.” Tension and anxiety can be applied to both the thoughts you have, as well as your body’s physiological state. In order to find the state of relaxation, you must realize that you cannot relax one, without the other falling in line. Basically, if you relax your mind by listening to relaxing music, your muscles will naturally relax, as well. If you focus on relaxing your body, your mind will begin to relax as well. They do work together perfectly.

The Art of Relaxation

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Relaxation isn’t always sitting in the Lotus Position, silent and still. Sometimes relaxation is going for a walk, or doing another pleasurable physical activity. When you incorporate relaxing music to your wellness activities, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be from a meditation or  spa playlist that you find when you search YouTube for relaxing music, even though slower music does help you relax both your mind and body. You may find that faster music helps lift your spirits and apply yourself to the productive tasks at hand. Truthfully, music therapies are so powerful that they can affect the brain’s function similar to the effects of medication. Sure, it will take time to relax your mind, but it takes time for your medication to kick in, too. The choice is yours.

Word To The Wise

Since you’re open to reducing stress through relaxing music it is important for you to know that music can induce a trance like state. Your mind is most impressionable in these states. So be sure that the scene you set for relaxation has a positive influence on your senses. Also be sure that the music you find on YouTube for relaxation is layered with sounds which you find pleasing. 

Keep Practicing

One thing that many people in today’s fast paced world don’t easily notice is that relaxation takes practice. You can’t listen to relaxing music once, not get the results you want, and give up. The key is to let go of your expectations and simply permit yourself to relax. Literally. 

Speak to yourself, give yourself verbal permission to let go for just a little while, knowing that you are doing something good for yourself. Then, do it again, and again. You will get better at relaxation, and your body will thank you for it by achieving better health.

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