Gift Giving Love Language

gift giving love language

When the time comes to give a gift, it seems to always cause more stress than something so special should. Plus, now that all kinds of products and services are available with the tap of a finger, and delivered to your door nearly as fast, gift giving has not only gotten even less frequent, it has gotten even tougher. But no matter the gift giving reason, or season, we have some thoughts to help you clearly speak your gift giving love language.

What Is Gift Giving?

Before we get into how to find the perfect gift in this consumer driven world, let’s start by remembering that gift giving is a love language. It’s so much more than simply making a selection from a list of “wants” or needs. Gift giving makes a statement. It tells people you’ve noticed the details of who they are. You noticed that they like something, could use something that will make their life easier, or you think they are special enough to have something which is meaningful. Even when you buy a gift for a stranger at a White Elephant party, you’re gifting a sentiment. A warm wish for another person, and that is the best love language of all.

The Right Gift

There really is no such thing as the “right gift.” It’s a gift; it’s a thoughtful gesture. But even knowing this doesn’t change the quest for finding something that is “just right” for your recipient. So as you set out to find the gift that’s just right, remember that this is not a gift for you. This is a gift for someone else. 

You will want to choose what they need or want, not what you think is best for them, or something you would like to receive. This can take a little time to figure out, but it’s definitely worth it. Remember, bad gifts, like fruitcake, are remembered even longer than good gifts, like facials. You can always add your special touch or unique signature to the card or wrapping paper. But the gift is a reflection of your acknowledgment and appreciation for the person to whom you are gift giving, as well as a reflection of the special relationship you share with them. So choose an item or items in which your gift giving love language can speak with your good intentions and appreciation.

The Go To Gift Card

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When you’re on the gift giving hunt, you want to avoid purchasing items that are too personal, unless you know the person exceptionally well. After all, you don’t want to buy skin care products for oily skin when they have dry skin.

This is why gift cards and gift certificates are so popular. Sure, these can seem a bit impersonal, but they can speak your gift giving sentiment exceptionally well if you put a little extra thought into the retailer of the gift card. Instead of purchasing a generic credit card gift card, which is pretty much the same as slipping some cash into an envelope, put a little extra thought into the service or product which can be acquired with your gift card. 

Purchasing any denomination for a product or service at a retailer, restaurant, salon, or spa are excellent ways to ensure that you speak your gift giving love language, and also give your recipient the chance to tailor their gift even further. After all, gift giving is the perfect opportunity treat someone to something they normally wouldn’t, or couldn’t, buy for themselves.

Gifting Wellness

Gift giving just doesn’t happen nearly enough, but when it does, Skin Bar MedSpa has a variety of services from which you can choose. Your gift from Skin Bar MedSpa in Westminster, Colorado can help people get on the right path for not only skin health, but overall wellness, as well. Most importantly, our services and gift certificates are perfect for both men and women. We also make scheduling easy, so once your gift giving has reached its finale, your happy people can hop online and schedule right away. Whether it’s the holiday season, anniversary, birthday, or just because someone is special, give the gift of wellness. That’s a gift they will always remember.