Dry Skin | Topical Treatments

Dry skin can be caused by so many things — soaps and detergents, indoor heaters and fireplaces, wind, dry climates, cold climates, medical conditions, as well as aging. If you know the cause of your dry skin you can take steps to help reduce the effects, such as adding a humidifier to your house, or seeking treatment for an underlying medical condition. Often, though, people seek topical treatments for dry skin for quick relief. So let’s take a look at the best moisturizer for dry skin.

Dry Skin On Your Body

Often when we think about treating dry skin we think about relieving the tightness, and sometimes scaly appearance we get when our skin is exposed to hot, cold, windy, or other environmental conditions. Dry skin can occur anywhere on your body, but most commonly people seek relief for dry skin on their face, elbows, knees, and heels. In truth, some men even report dry skin on their penis, which is often caused by irritation due to soaps and detergents, but should be checked by a doctor to be certain.

Chapped Lips

While we often think about dry skin in patches on our bodies, we should remember that chapped lips are also dry skin. It’s just that the skin on the lips is different than the skin which surrounds it. Lip skin is thinner and does not grow hair. This means that there are no glands in the lips which create oils to lubricate hair and skin. Thus, your lips are actually more susceptible to having dry skin.

Topical Remedies

lotion for dry skin

Dry skin is often remedied by applying lotions. But before we explore those a bit further, it’s important to note that those who live in dry climates, or use heaters and fireplaces, can add a humidifier to their rooms to help offset some of the environmental conditions which are contributing to their dry skin. Protecting the skin from wind and cold is also a step which can be taken to help prevent dry skin and chapped lips. But, if that’s just not quite enough, lotions for dry skin and ointments for the lips are often sought to help relieve and repair.

Selecting a Moisturizer

There are a variety of creams and lotions for dry skin on the market from which you can choose. The ones which will be best for you will depend on your dry skin needs. When managing dry skin, you’ll likely want something thicker to really trap in the moisture. But if your skin is oily, a thinner lotion may be better. Doctors recommend using thinner moisturizers on your face, and heavier ones on your body, if that’s preferable. But don’t forget to look at the ingredients, and be sure to consider any allergies you may have.

Ingredient Basics

You’ll quickly find that you have a lot to choose from when it comes to moisturizers for dry skin. So while considering your body’s unique needs and allergies, you will want to consider purchasing moisturizers which contain sunscreen. After all, protecting your skin from damage is the first line of defense. From there, seek out creams and lotions which contain antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids, which help repair and prevent aging. If you’re looking to treat dry skin specifically, look for moisturizers which contain glycerin and proteins. Lotions and creams with mineral oils will help to lock in moisture.

When it comes to treating chapped lips, you will want to look for balms and ointments which will not further irritate your lips. This means avoiding lip balms with cinnamon and peppermint and using balms which contain ingredients such as mineral oil and sun protectants.

Skin Bar MedSpa

Even though you’re focused on treating dry skin, we can’t forget that a skin care regimen which includes applying lotions and creams feels good, too. To enhance your skin’s ability to absorb healing moisturizers for dry skin, Skin Bar MedSpa in Westminster, Colorado offers a variety of services which help remove dead skin, such as microdermabrasion and dermaplaning. These treatments will help moisturizers reach your skin cells so their active ingredients can heal and rejuvenate, giving your skin a more even, moisturized, younger appearance. Not to mention, a little pampering feels good, too.

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