Acne Scar Treatment

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When you’re looking for acne scar treatment, it can be tough to choose from the various options. While there are countless options on the market, it’s best to do your research. Acne scars affect everyone differently, and one primary consideration for the type of treatment you choose is going to be your skin tone. New research shows us that the type of acne scar treatment for dark skin may be better suited for microneedling, while those with lighter skin seeking acne scar treatment may be best suited for chemical peels. Let’s take a look at the details of each so you can make a well-informed decision.

Microneedling vs Chemical Peels

When it comes to skin care possibilities, the differences between microneedling and chemical peels seem relatively straight forward. Microneedling encourages your body’s healing process and stimulates collagen which help to rejuvenate younger skin and reduce the signs of aging and sun damage. It truly is a remarkable and effective procedure for acne scaring, as well.

Chemical peels are a blend of acids, vitamins, minerals, and retinol which take exfoliating your skin to the next level. Amongst their many benefits, which include promoting cellular repair, improving skin elasticity, and lifting sagging skin, chemical peels also stimulate collagen and are an option for acne scar treatment.

But how do you know if you should choose a chemical peel or microneedling to treat your acne scars? According to new research from Rutgers University, the answer may lie in your skin tone.

To Chemical Peel or Not To Chemical Peel, That Is the Question

Chemical peels may not always be the best option for people with darker skin. This is because chemical peels can permanently discolor darker skin. In these cases, microneedling has been shown to be an excellent alternative, as the results of microneedling as an acne scar treatment showed improvement in study participants.

People with lighter skin, who do not run the risk of discoloration due to chemical peels, can still use chemical peels as a scaring treatment. Both chemical peels and microneedling do show improvement when treating acne scars, it just depends on which is going to be the best option for you.

Consult With The Experts

If you’re looking for acne scar treatment options, we would highly encourage you to consult with skin care experts, like the ones at Skin Bar MedSpa in Westminster, Colorado. Your skin is so important. Your skin’s appearance isn’t just an indication of your overall health, it plays a major role in the confidence you project when you face the world. So if you’re looking for acne scar treatment, you shouldn’t take it lightly. Knowing your options, and choosing the right option for you amongst chemical peels, microneedling, and any of the other services Skin Bar MedSpa offers can truly make a major difference in your overall skin health. We have easy and affordable payment options, and scheduling is easy! Book today and let us help you find the best option for your wellness and skincare goals!